Hej praktikanter!

Under hela våren har vi två fantastiska praktikanter som jobbar med oss på Stockholms-kontoret. De får presentera sig alldeles själva, på engelska:



Hello! Isabelle. That’s me. I’ve been studying Graphic Design down in Jönköping for about a year and a half until just now. Jönköping where most go to do bible studies. BUT. If you just look hard enough you can find a group of 16 students doing packaging design and book covers. Now I’m an intern here! At Soja!

To be honest I’m mostly all print. More CMYK than RGB. So one could wonder how I stumbled upon this place. I think it was a facebook advert that caught my eye (first time anyone has ever said that). It looked both like something that I could have made, something I wished I’d made, and something I’d like to hang on my wall. All at the same time. That was it!

New in Stockholm and just the right amount of lost. Not scary lost, but I can’t really find my way,
well, anywhere. Shoutout to Google Maps.

Ps. Thanks to the gang here at Soja for taking me on.

Pps. If anyone have any good brunch-tips in this town. Hit me up.




I’m Daniel, a 24-year-old Hyper Island student and one of the new interns here at Soja. Besides being one of the lucky new interns i’m also a huge fan of shapes. And colors, or some colors, most colors are cool.

It’s kind of hard explaining what you do, so it’s easier just to show. So stalk me down on dribble or instagram. I’m the only person/human (except my brother) with the surname Elv-Forsén. So if you don’t find my stuff you’ll probably just find my brother skateboarding!

Excited and grateful to be here at Soja, it’s a fun place (so far).

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