Moving Sweden

Swedish Film Institute, 2015

110 years ago the movie theatres cleared in panic when a train rushed towards the camera, today we stream TV series on our smart phones. Film and our relation to it has changed drastically in a short time. So how do we keep film narration strong and vital?

Say it with an explainer video.

Moving Sweden is a joint venture focusing on strong film narratives in new and exciting formats. That’s why the Swedish Film Institute also wanted to make their film in an exciting format: 2D motion graphics. Practically the whole of Sweden involved in film stands behind the project – with the Swedish Film Institute and SVT (Sweden’s Television) in the forefront. Our challenge was to communicate the venture in a clear and playful way capturing the feeling of a film. That’s why we made sure to sneak in some Swedish film classics in both sound and picture. Popcorn, anyone? Are you wondering if motion graphics and infographics is the right solution for you? Read more about the strengths under “Services” or get in touch and we’ll tell you more.




Simon Österhof
Project manager and screenwriter

Sofie Edvardsson

Jakob Nyström
Motion designer

Patrik Öberg
Sound design



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